It’s Called Fall

Welcome back to school. It’s the Fall semester. On the syllabus? Fresh classes, unpredictable weather, “cuffing” season and fresh meat.

So you thought this semester was going to be your best semester yet…. “Good grades, clean room, exercise- I’m getting my life together!”

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We have determined that is a lie.

It’s the fourth week of school and you’re probably ready to resign to living a poor and lowly life if you quit now. But, it’s a necessary evil to get that coveted Bachelor’s degree. As you look around campus, you’ll probably see bright eyes, bushy tailed new freshmen, girls who dress in heels and strut in this concrete and grass jungle, filled with gnats like it is a runway.

But regardless, coming back to school makes you regret missing it in the summer.

Here are some things you probably saw or experienced:

1) Fresh fall semester freshmen

They stand out.

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To freshmen, this is a great new experience and a great new school with great new people and great new teachers.

As a veteran in your school, sometimes the actions of the freshmen might make you roll your eyes (of course you once did this too, but it now seems so stupid).

They run to class when they’re a minute late. You stroll almost backward when you’re 20 mins late.

They actually stand in line to go in the caf. You scan the long line for your friends -or any familiar face- and not-so-conspicuously say “hey bae!” and go stand by them.

They giggle when a girl or guy (especially “greek”) talks to them. And you’re there like:

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2) Annoying, evil, borderline Beelzebub  teachers.

There is at least one teacher each semester who is just so extra. We all know THAT teacher, where everyone thinks, seriously, is homework the first day of class really necessary? Or buying a textbook, a notebook, a workbook AND an online code??


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By the end of the semester, after you’ve done 2 presentations, 3 papers, 3 quizzes and 2 tests, and she’s there telling you about a 15 page paper due the day of her “cumulative” (evil word) final exam, you’ll probably decide never to take any of her classes again.

Psyche, she is the only teacher that teaches at least 3 classes you must take to finish your major.

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3) Finally, the group you are probably with- the slackers.

You know it and I know it. While everyone is buying all their books, slackers think:

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They’ll probably be the ones whispering in your ears during class “hey, could I see in your book?”

Or the ones who come minutes before a take home test is due and say “sooooooo. You finished your test…. or nah?”

If you’re reading this, classmate. Yes, I’m talking about you.

Slackers can be described as students who just barely hang on in the class. They do the bare minimum.

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I know that life. I’m a reformed slacker.

Surprisingly, though, slackers either still pass the class or excel everyone else by combining all the information gathered from different classmates over the semester. They’re (and by they, I mean we’re) geniuses, really.

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So whatever it is you’re doing this semester- pouncing on freshmen or being one, slacking off in class or dealing with annoying teachers, remember to put your priorities in order to complete this semester stronger than ever!

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