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How to Tell if You’re Ratchet

There are two simple steps to becoming ratchet:

1) Turn off your ability to be ashamed

2) Watch more reality TV

In any order.

These days, the word “ratchet” is being thrown about quite often, and some people are confused… What is this ratchet, they think to themselves, and is they contagious?

The truth about the matter is no one really thinks they are ratchet. They see other people and are positive they have identified the personification of ratchet, but refuse to see themselves as a part of the team.

So how do you go about identifying ratchet people or ensuring that you stay out of that subset of people?

Maybe you thought only black people were ratchet?


1) First, realize that ratchet-ness transcends skin color. People can be white and ratchet, yellow (shout out to my ratchet Asian friend), team lightandbrightskinned or team nubianqueen and ratchet.

2) Look at their/ your hash tags or names on social media. This includes twitter names, IG names and facebook pseudonyms.

All of these are probably ratchet:

Most or All members of #twerkteam

Gazabarbie Willtakeyourman” on FB

ANYONE who drops that dun tha dun.

Miley Cyrus.

But don’t take my word for it…

ratchet name good

blog ratchet

blog ratchet girl

really ratch

3) In many places, 1 in 5 people are probably ratchet, but there are the few places where 5 in 5 people are ratchet. If you are in one of these places where there’s ratchet everywhere, and your grandma is ratchet too, you might wanna move.

4) Remember that everyone’s definition of ratchet is is different.

To some, ratchet is:

ratchet hair

To others. it consists of:

ratchet fighting


ratchet bieber

Find out what your definition is, the definitions of the people around you, and urban dictionary’s definitions, and avoid them at all costs.

Perhaps everyone has the ability to get a little ratchet at times. But, as long as you don’t act like you’re on reality TV  you can be sure you are at the bottom of the ratchet spectrum.

*You’re welcome*

she ratchet